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Allergy Muddlers in America

Read about how allergy symptoms are on the rise and learn how you can find relief from your worst symptoms with ZYRTEC<sup>®</sup>.

Allergy Muddlers
in America

Allergies on the rise

People of all ages

Allergies are the 5th
Leading Condition
In the U.S. Among All Ages

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Allergies have
been inscreasing
across all age, sex and racial groups
since the early 1980s

Up to 50 Million americans suffer from some symptoms related to Pollen Allergies

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Allergies and Family

Kids Image

Kids have a 33% change of getting allergies if one parent has them and a 70% chance of getting allergies if both parents do

Girls are more likely to get allergies if their mom has them

Parents and Kids

Boys are more likely to get allergies if their dad has them

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Zyrtec® has something for
Allergy sufferers in the family
Zyrtec® starts working at hour 1
on the first day you take it

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