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What is ZyrTalkTM?

ZyrTalk™ is a platform to share the science behind your top allergy questions with the goal of empowering you to take control of your allergies and symptoms. Through interactive and entertaining videos, we’re here to show you that understanding the science of allergies is not only useful— it can also be fun!

Science, efficacy, and credibility are fundamental to ZYRTEC® and are what elevate and differentiate our pioneering allergy care. With ZyrTalk™ by ZYRTEC®, you can learn from the brand that has been the #1 Allergist recommended brand* over the past 15 years!

Whether you’ve been an allergy sufferer for a while now or you’re new to the world of allergies, there’s something new to learn for everyone!

*Among OTC oral antihistamines

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“Get an air purifier for your home to keep the air clean.”



“Frequently wash your bed sheets, especially pillowcases, to remove dust mites.”



“Change your clothes if you’ve been outside on a high pollen count day.”



“After doing yardwork or gardening, use a gentle cleanser to wash your face of pollen and dirt.”



“When you come inside, rinse your nasal passages with a saline wash to cleanse your airways of outdoor allergens.”

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