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Allergy-free Outdoor Entertaining

Find five easy ways to combat seasonal allergy symptoms, so you can entertain outside without worrying about your allergies.

Illustration of a backyard with outdoor furniture, a dog, lemonade, a bbq grill, trees and flowers

1. Timing

Plan your party for the late afternoon or early evening, when pollen counts are lower.

2. Tidying

Keep the grass in your yard short and remove any brush and weeds from your property.

3. Mowing

Don't mow your lawn the day of the party—it can stir up pollen.

4. Accessorizing

Encourage your guests to wear sunglasses if it’s windy. It will help to keep pollen out of their eyes. You can also keep a basket full of fun sunglasses on hand for guests to use throughout the summer season.

5. Planning

Make sure you have an indoor back up plan for allergy sufferers in case there is a high pollen count on the day of the party. You can get the daily pollen count with the ZYRTEC® AllergyCast® app.

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