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Sneeze-free Fun for Kids

Whether it’s from grass, clothing or toys, see what kinds of pollen to watch out for when your children play outside.

Illustration of kids playing inside, next to a dog, with a windy day and flying allergies outside

1. Grass

The shorter the grass, the less pollen it will produce. Keeping your lawn neatly trimmed will help to reduce allergens.

2. Wind

Windy days are great for flying kites and, unfortunately, flying allergens. Encourage your kids to bring their games indoors on gusty days. Couch fort anyone?

3. Clothes

Pollen particles are so small you can't even see them sticking to you so, as soon as your kids head inside after a play session, make sure they leave their shoes at the door and change their clothes. If their allergies are extreme you should give them a bath and wash their hair.

4. Toys

Kids are really creative when they play, so you shouldn't stop them from taking their toys outside but you can ask them to leave them at the door, so that they don't bring pollen in with them. It also helps to clean their toys regularly by wiping them down or, in the case of fluffy toys, putting them in the washing machine.

5. Pets

Kids and dogs love to romp around outside together. To reduce dander, and get allergens out of your pet’s coat, try to keep up a regular grooming and washing routine. Wiping your dog down after he's been outside is also good practice.

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