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5 Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Check out these holiday decorating tips to help your family enjoy the Christmas season while avoiding indoor allergies.

A reef of Christmas reef of colorful ornaments on a white door


Wreaths can cause allergies but don’t worry. There are many beautiful options from fabric and ceramic options to wreaths made out of glass or rattan balls.

Assorted types of artificial Christmas trees


Artificial trees are the way to go. There is an endless variety of styles out there in natural and alternative materials. Pink frosted trees are a favorite!

Floral holiday table centerpiece


Your table centerpiece doesn’t have to contain the branches of real trees either. Instead, use your imagination and decorate your table with live (allergy friendly) flowers, origami trees or stacked bowls of small ornaments, nuts and berries.

Birch bark candles


Candlelight adds a cozy element to any room. However, if you have allergies, scented candles can irritate your nose so be sure to use the unscented variety.

Popcorn and cranberry holiday garland


There are many ways to make your home look pretty so go wild and have fun. For example, twinkle lights on staircases and bannisters, popcorn and paper garlands and inflatable reindeer.


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