Active Ingredient

Cetirizine HCl

Having allergies can be frustrating at times, whether they’re making your eyes itch, your nose run, or a combination of the two. So, it’s a relief to know that antihistamines, such as cetirizine hydrochloride – more commonly known as “cetirizine” – can help relieve your symptoms.


ZYRTEC® Tablets Inactive Ingredients

Colloidal Silicon Dioxide

Used in tablets, common foods, and baking powders to prevent lumps from forming.

Croscarmellose Sodium

Helps break down the tablet in your stomach.


Coating that helps mask bitter taste.

Lactose Monohydrate

Helps distribute the drug in the tablet. Also found in baked goods.

Magnesium Stearate

Coats ingredients and helps prevent them from sticking to each other and to the machines/containers.

Microcrystalline Cellulose

Designed to form and give strength to the tablet.

Polyethylene Glycol

Helps maintain the flexibility and integrity of the tablet coating. Also used in cosmetics and food.

Titanium Dioxide

Used in tablet coating to give a bright white color.

ZYRTEC® Liquids Inactive Ingredients

Anhydrous Citric Acid

Helps adjust the pH in the product and enhances flavor.


Enhances flavor profile of product. Children’s ZYRTEC® comes in grape and bubblegum flavors.

Propylene Glycol

Used to prevent crystallization.

Sodium Benzoate

Helps protect the product from bacterial growth.

Purified Water

The base of our products.

Sorbitol Solution

Provides hydration and sweetness to enhance the flavor.


Provides sweetness to enhance the flavor.