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Illustration of a person experiencing severe allergies with jaw pain, surrounded by flowers
Understanding Allergies

Can Allergies Cause Jaw Pain?

While there are many causes of jaw pain, did you know that allergies can be one of them? Learn more now.

Illustration of a woman blowing her nose, in between trees, surrounded by yellow pollen particles.
Outdoor Allergies

What Exactly Is a Pollen Allergy?

Learn more about pollen, how it may be causing your allergies, and discover ways to manage and treat pollen allergy symptoms.

Eye Allergies: Causes and Treatment
Different Types of Allergies

Eye Allergies: Causes And Treatment

Allergies can irritate eyes because of pollen, pets, mold and more. Find out symptoms and how to treat eye allergies, including at-home remedies, to find relief.

Close up view of brown leaves on grass in a park with trees in the background
Outdoor Allergies

Understanding Fall Allergies

Seasonal allergens, such as ragweed pollen and mold, cause common fall allergies. Learn the triggers for these autumn allergies and get help with fall allergy relief.

Illustration of a tree next to a bunch of grass

Grass Pollen Allergy Symptoms and Treatment

Discover the different types of grass pollen allergy and how grass pollen may affect you, as well as how to manage and relieve your symptoms with Zyrtec.

Tree pollen infographic titled "a guide to American tree pollen"
Different Types of Allergies

Tree Pollen Allergy Symptoms and Types

A tree pollen allergy can start in early spring and last until summer. Understand symptoms, the different types and ways to treat your allergy.

Outdoor Allergies

Month-By-Month Pollen Allergy Guide

Ever wonder what the pollen is going to be like each month? The weather, location, and time of year determine which types of pollen are most prevalent. This quick guide can help you understand which months have the highest levels of pollen and help you plan ahead throughout the year.

Various types of weeds on a white background
Outdoor Allergies

About Weed Pollen Allergies

Learn about weed pollen and how you can manage this powerful allergy trigger.

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