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Collage of hiking boots, coat, socks, water bottle and GPS with illustrated fall leaves
Outdoor Allergies

Gear Up for Fall Hikes

Prepare for seasonal allergies when you’re about to head out on a hike with these tips.

Collage of a person paddle boarding with children and a dog playing on the beach
Outdoor Allergies

Get Allergy Relief Out on the Water

Outdoor allergens shouldn’t keep you indoors, or out of the water. See which water sports can keep you allergy-free.

Living with Allergies

The Dos and Don’ts of Allergens and Exercise

Learn how to reduce your exposure to allergens so allergy flare-ups don't get in the way of your outdoor exercise.

A reef of Christmas reef of colorful ornaments on a white door
Indoor Allergies

5 Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Check out these holiday decorating tips to help your family enjoy the Christmas season while avoiding indoor allergies.

Illustration of a backyard with outdoor furniture, a dog, lemonade, a bbq grill, trees and flowers
Living with Allergies

Allergy-free Outdoor Entertaining

Find five easy ways to combat seasonal allergy symptoms, so you can entertain outside without worrying about your allergies.

Collage of a barbeque with grilling supplies in front of a bush of flowers and a white fence
Outdoor Allergies

Barbecuing 101

Learn great ways to entertain your guests outdoors while ensuring minimal exposure to allergens with these barbecuing tips.

Collage of a dog in a car with bedding, a beach ball and a vacuum on a road with a smiling sun
Living with Allergies

Road Tripping with Allergies

Follow these 5 tips to alleviate allergy symptoms and enjoy your road trip without the runny noses or itchy eyes.

A person holding a phone, displaying the ZYRTEC® AllergyCast® application
Living with Allergies

Five Allergy Tips for Holiday Vacations

Review five allergy tips that can prepare you for indoor and outdoor allergens like pollen, dust mites and pet dander.

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