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What is Pollen Count?
Outdoor Allergies

What is Pollen Count?

Pollen count is important to many allergy sufferers– but what does the term actually mean, and what time of day is worst for pollen?
Image Winter Allergies
Outdoor Allergies

Understanding Winter Allergies

Discover what causes winter allergies and the steps you can take to manage your winter allergy symptoms.
AllergyCast app
Allergy Forecast

Discover Your Allergy Forecast with ZYRTEC®

Get allergy forecasts & see pollen counts near you today with our online allergy index tool or try the ALLERGYCAST® app for a personalized allergy forecast & tracker.
Illustration of a person with a mask on, surrounded by plants, fruits, and vegetables
Outdoor Allergies

Understanding Summer Allergies: Causes, Symptoms & Management Tips

Don’t let allergies ruin your summertime fun. Learn all about June, July, August & September allergies, plus discover common causes & symptoms of summer allergies & more
Illustration of a tree next to a bunch of grass
Outdoor Allergies

Outdoor Allergy Symptoms, Triggers and Tips

Struggling with outdoor allergies? Get all the information you need on spotting the signs and managing your symptoms.

Illustration of a woman smiling, surrounded by plants and allergens
Outdoor Allergies

Understanding Spring Allergies: Causes, Symptoms, and Management Tips

Learn about what may cause your spring allergy symptoms, discover when spring allergy season takes place, and find tips to help you manage your spring allergy symptoms.

Illustration of a woman blowing her nose, in between trees, surrounded by yellow pollen particles.
Outdoor Allergies

What Exactly Is a Pollen Allergy?

Learn more about pollen, how it may be causing your allergies, and discover ways to manage and treat pollen allergy symptoms.

Close up view of brown leaves on grass in a park with trees in the background
Outdoor Allergies

Understanding Fall Allergies

Seasonal allergens, such as ragweed pollen and mold, cause common fall allergies. Learn the triggers for these autumn allergies and get help with fall allergy relief.

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