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Illustration of a child having allergic reactions to the dust and dust mites around him
Different Types of Allergies

What is a Dust Mite Allergy? (Plus How to Get Rid of Dust Mites in Your Home)

Learn about dust mites, as well as the causes and symptoms of a dust mite allergy. Plus, discover treatment options and how you can get rid of dust mites in your home.

Indoor Allergies

Allergies To Dogs: Causes, Symptoms And Treatments

Spot the symptoms of allergies to dogs so you can protect yourself against your reactions, and continue enjoying the company of humanity’s best friend.

Indoor Allergies

Dust Allergies: How to Protect Yourself

Get tips on how to prevent dust-related allergies by keeping your home clean and minimizing exposure to dust and dust mites.

A brown goldendoodle dog
Different Types of Allergies

About Pet Allergies

Find out what really triggers pet allergies and how to manage a pet dander allergy.

A reef of Christmas reef of colorful ornaments on a white door
Indoor Allergies

5 Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Check out these holiday decorating tips to help your family enjoy the Christmas season while avoiding indoor allergies.

Kids' Allergies

Kids’ Allergies at School

Your kids shouldn’t have to fight allergies while trying to learn. See these 5 tips to help them avoid allergies at school.

Illustration of a woman in her living room, vacuuming the curtains with blue skies and sun outside
Indoor Allergies

5 Tips for Sneeze-free Spring Cleaning

Join Stacy Champion as she shares her top tips for reducing indoor allergens and keeps cleaning sneeze-free.

Illustration of a fake Christmas tree getting clean before decorating
Indoor Allergies

Want to Decorate Without Dust?

Learn how to make decorating for the holidays as allergen-free as possible with these tips.

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