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Dog in red bed with hair combs
Kids' Allergies

5 Tips About Kids and Pet Allergies

Children love to pet animals, maybe even more than adults do. That can leave them more exposed to pet allergens than their parents. Here are some important tips that may help manage your kids’ pet allergy symptoms.

Illustration of kids playing inside, next to a dog, with a windy day and flying allergies outside
Kids' Allergies

Sneeze-free Fun for Kids

Whether it’s from grass, clothing or toys, see what kinds of pollen to watch out for when your children play outside.

Child using a gardening shovel
Kids' Allergies

Growing Young Gardeners

Join Horticulturist Amanda Segura as she shares a few great tips to get your children into gardening.

A DIY decorated tissue box designed to look like a monster, surrounded with art supplies
Kids' Allergies

Make a Monster Tissue Box with Your Kid

Help your kids make a monster tissue box that will scare off any runny noses!

Kids' Allergies

Kids’ Allergies at School

Your kids shouldn’t have to fight allergies while trying to learn. See these 5 tips to help them avoid allergies at school.

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