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How to Avoid Outdoor Allergens

Learn more about how to keep your family's open-air activities fun and tissue free.

1. The Time

The pollen count is at its highest between 10 AM and 5 PM. Try not to spend too much time outdoors during these hours.

2. The Weather

Weather conditions play a big role in the pollen count. Two simple tips to keep in mind –stay indoors when it’s windy and venture outside after a heavy rain shower.

3. Indoors

As soon as you get inside, take a shower, wash your hair and throw your clothes into a laundry basket.

4. Pets

Minimize your pooch or cat’s shedding by grooming him regularly, especially as the seasons change. You should also brush him off as soon as he comes inside so that he doesn’t bring pollen into your home.

5. Planning Ahead

The ZYRTEC® ALLERGYCAST® app allows you to check the pollen and weather forecast before you head outdoors. You can also log and track your allergy symptoms so that know what pollen affects you and when.

Standard data rates for your plan apply.

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