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About Tree Pollen Allergies

When you look up at the beauty of a flowering tree, you’d never guess that tree pollen is one of the worst allergy offenders. Learn more about what trees to watch out for and when.

Tree Pollen Allergies

1. What it is

Trees produce light, dry pollen that can be carried by the wind for miles – one of the many reasons why they wreak havoc on your allergies.

2. When it is in season

Tree pollen is the first seasonal allergen of the year. In the South, trees start releasing their pollen as early as January until June.

3. What to watch out for

Poplar, Cottonwood and Willow are a few of the trees that fall into this category. What’s interesting is that in some species only the male trees cause a problem. Their female counterparts don’t have any pollen at all.

4. What to know

Learn to recognize the types of trees that trigger your symptoms.

4. What to do

Consider removing any of the trees that affect you from your property.

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