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Collage of a man painting the walls orange nest to a green door and a window with floral curtains
Indoor Allergies

How to Paint without Allergies

Follow these easy steps to minimize the allergy symptoms that a do-it-yourself paint project may cause.

Collage of supplies to create a terrarium such as moss, plants, soil and gravel
Indoor Allergies

How to Make an Allergy Friendly Terrarium

Want to garden indoors, minus the pollen allergies that make you sneeze? See how to create gorgeous terrariums.

Collage of houseplants in front of a large window
Indoor Allergies

5 Best Allergy Friendly House Plants

Review a quick list of the plants to have in your home that can help clear the air.

Dog Sleeping on Dog Bed
Indoor Allergies

5 Ways to Reduce Dander and Other Pet Bed Allergens

Wondering how to reduce pet dander & other allergens at home? Check out these 5 helpful cleaning tips.

A man sitting on the edge of his bed rubbing his eyes while his wife hands him a box of tissues.
Indoor Allergies

How to Prevent Nighttime Allergies

Learn more about nighttime allergy triggers like dust, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mold spores, and other allergens.

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