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About Hay Fever Allergies

Think you might be experiencing hay fever symptoms? Learn more about hay fever causes and how to help treat a hay fever allergy. You might be surprised to find that hay fever has nothing to do with hay. The term came about when farmers working in the hay fields were affected by allergies. Explore answers to the most-frequent hay fever questions below.

What is hay fever?

Hay fever is a common allergic condition that affects up to 30% of people worldwide. When people talk about hay fever, they’re really referring to the symptoms of indoor and outdoor allergies. It is also known as allergic rhinitis and includes seasonal allergies and perennial, or year-round, allergies.

What causes hay fever?

Outdoor allergens that cause hay fever include trees, weeds, and grasses that are present in the warmer months. You also can be affected by perennial allergens, such as dust, pets, or mold. If your body is irritated by any of these types of allergens, inhaling them can cause the cells in your body to release histamine, which often leads to common allergy symptoms.

When is hay fever season, and how long does hay fever last?

Hay fever season and how long it lasts really depends on what triggers your allergies. Hay fever caused by seasonal allergies can occur anytime from spring to fall, depending on what affects you. Perennial allergies are year-round and depend on exposure to the allergen.

What are common hay fever symptoms?

The most common hay fever allergy symptom is a stuffy or runny nose, but you also might experience sneezing, itchy or watery eyes, and other common allergy symptoms.

What are hay fever remedies?

The best hay fever treatment is to identify your seasonal or perennial allergens and avoid them altogether. Track local pollen levels and your allergy symptom with tools, such as the ”ZYRTEC® AllergyCast app. (Standard data rates for your plan apply.)

Here are some other tips for how to treat hay fever:

  • Antihistamines, such as ZYRTEC®, are common allergy medicines for hay fever symptoms. Take ZYRTEC® as soon as symptoms start to help provide powerful relief for all of your hay fever symptoms day after day.
  • When outside, cover up with items, such as hats, gloves, glasses, paper masks, and long-sleeve shirts.
  • Shower after being outdoors to remove pollen from your skin and hair.

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