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5 Ways to Reduce a Child’s Indoor Allergies

Indoor allergens can take all of the fun out of playtime. Here are some ways to help your child with allergies avoid a reaction.

1. Reduce Dust Mites

To reduce these allergens, clean every week, including washing toys and vacuuming areas where dust mites thrive, like carpets and furniture.

2. Minimize Mold

Keep mold to a minimum by regularly cleaning bathrooms, basements and other damp areas where your child may go.

3. Groom Pets

To reduce your child’s reaction to pet dander, have pets groomed regularly, and clean carpets often.

4. Alert Caregivers

Tell babysitters, teachers, the school nurse and other caregivers about your child’s allergies and the medications.

5. Stay Informed

Know your child’s triggers, and ways to avoid or reduce exposure. You should also keep track of when seasonal allergies peak and teach your child allergy awareness.

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