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5 Facts About Kids and Pet Allergies

Children love to pet animals, maybe even more than adults do. That can leave them more exposed to pet allergens than their parents. Here are some important tips to help manage your kids’ pet allergies.

1. Reduce Dander

Pets' skin glands produce a substance intended to keep their coats in good condition. But this substance also carries a protein that dries and flakes off with dead skin. To reduce this dander, make sure to practice good pet grooming habits. This includes regular baths and brushing.

2. Cut Down Saliva

When your child comes in contact with pets, the protein in saliva left after the pet licks itself can also cause a reaction. To reduce allergens, make sure to have your dog groomed and bathed.

3. Separate Sleeping Quarters

Although children may love to cuddle with their pets at night, training pets to sleep in a pet bed is a better option. The bed will contain the dander, and you can easily throw it in the washing machine. It should also be in a different room.

4. Watch For a Reaction

Be sure to monitor your child closely to see if he or she develops a pet allergy.

5. Guard Against Hidden Allergens

Like fur, pet allergens can remain in the carpet for weeks. They may also linger in the air for up to six months, even after the animal has left. Make sure you know what pets have lived in your house, as well as at any house your child may visit.

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