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Growing Young Gardeners

Sharing your passion for gardening with your kids can be great fun. Here, Horticulturist Amanda Segura shares a few great tips to get your children interested.


Let Kids Do the Design

Older kids may want to draw their own garden and decide what to plant where. Younger kids may not be able to, but give them a chance to voice their opinion. Remember, the goal is to get them involved.

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  • Let Kids Do the Design
  • Get Fun Plants
  • Use Edibles
  • Creepy-Crawlies are Cool
  • Make the Garden a Wildlife Habitat
  • Keep Kids’ Sizes In Mind

If your kids are allergic to pollen and mold, the American Academy of Pediatrics advises keeping them away from decaying vegetation, including piles of leaves in the fall. After spending time outdoors, have them shower and change clothes immediately.