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Healthier Communities: <br> The Zyrtec® Releaf Project

ZYRTEC® is supporting American Forests, a leading national nonprofit dedicated to conservation, to plant trees and foster tree equity in historically excluded communities within three urban centers: Phoenix, Washington DC, and Detroit. Follow us at @Zyrtecallergy to see our tree planting events in action!

Join us in raising awareness around the importance of fostering tree equity in urban areas across the nation.

Look out for our Instagram post on Earth Day (April 22) and post a tree emoji in the comments. For every tree emoji posted, ZYRTEC® will donate US $1 (up to $25K) to American Forests to help fund tree planting efforts.

Follow us at @Zyrtecallergy

What is Tree Equity?

Tree equity indicates if a certain area has enough trees, so that everyone can experience the benefits that trees provide. On a 100-point scale, American Forest’s Tree Equity Score is the measurement of tree coverage in a specific area and is based on several factors like existing tree canopy, race, income, age and more.

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