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Find out why sneezing is one of the most common allergy symptoms and learn what is happening when your body has to sneeze.

Woman sneezing from allergies

Sneezing & Allergy Symptoms

1. The Start

For an allergy, sneezing is often triggered by allergens (e.g., pollen, mold, dust or pet dander) entering your body.

2. The Cause

When you breathe in an allergen, your immune system detects and attacks this (usually harmless) foreign body as if it’s a virus or other harmful invader.

3. The Reaction

As soon as you come into contact with an allergen, your immune cells release a chemical called histamine.

4. The Buildup

When your body reacts to the histamine, your nasal passages swell up, and your nose and throat become itchy.

5. The Sneeze

This is when your brain tells the muscles in your chest to contract. Your eyes and soft palate close, then you sneeze.

Allergic Rhinitis & Sneezing Treatments

For reduced sneezing due to allergic rhinitis, try ZYRTEC®. ZYRTEC® contains an antihistamine to block histamines, which are produced by your body in response to an allergen, helping relieve your worst allergy symptoms, including sneezing.

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