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How to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

Discover tips to prepare your garden for the winter season, and ensure that your plants will bloom brightly again in Spring.

Illustration of a yard after the holidays with festive lights on a tree, dried leaves & garden tools

1. Leaf Smarts

Here’s a tip when it comes to raking leaves: leave some leaf debris in your garden to blanket soil during the colder months. Just be sure to clean up come springtime so that your flowers can grow normally. Additionally, be mindful of the mold that can grow on the underside of leaves. You might want to wear a facemask to prevent allergies from acting up.

2. Bid Annuals Farewell

Once the cold weather hits, it’s time to remove all your annual plants. They won’t come back and doing this will save you future cleanup in the future.

3. Prune Perennials

You’ll want to cut back your perennials (veggies and flower varieties) when the temperature hits 40°F. Doing so will ensure there won’t be another warm spell that will cause a flush of growth.

4 Keep your Plants Warm

Roses, grape vines and fruit trees all need a little extra love in the cold. Cone covers, plastic covers and tarps are all great ways to keep these plants warm in inclement weather. Adding some holiday lights will also save your favorite perennials from frost damage and keep them festive!

5. Think Spring

It’s never too early to plan ahead. Late fall is the perfect time to plant bulbs for a colorful spring while December provides a great opportunity to start a compost pile. A little care goes a long way. Your garden will thank you in the springtime!

TIP: Try to limit your gardening to cool or cloudy days, and the later afternoon or evening. Doing so will help you avoid allergens, as pollen concentration in the air is generally lower during these time.

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