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Gear Up for Fall Hikes

Prepare for seasonal allergies when you’re about to head out on a hike with these tips.

Collage of hiking boots, coat, socks, water bottle and GPS with illustrated fall leaves

1. Plan Your Hike

If you have allergies, it makes sense to choose a route and time that will minimize your exposure to allergens. Try not to don’t go out on days with a high pollen count and choose a dry, arid location rather than the woods, which can be wet and moldy.

2. Layer Up

Avoid cotton as your base – rather go with wicking synthetics or wool, which will help keep you dry. Next, a fleece and finally, a light weatherproof jacket to ensure that you are prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

3. Bring Enough Water

Exercise can make you thirsty, no matter what the weather, so be sure to carry enough water.

4. Find the Footwear

If you’re trying on new hiking shoes, wear the socks that you plan to hike in; go shopping near the end of the day when your feet are more likely to be swollen; and walk around the store – at varying speeds.

5. Build Up Stamina

Take a few weeks before hiking season to build up your endurance in the gym. A stair stepping machine, treadmill, elliptical trainer, cardiovascular circuit workout or spin class will help increase your fitness levels.

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