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Face Up to Summer Allergies with Makeup Tips for ALLERGY FACE®

Learn how to shine through summer allergies with summertime makeup tips from celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg.

A woman's face, half covered with makeup to cover up irritation from allergies


Begin with a clean face.

Woman with a freshly cleaned face


Even out skin tone with foundation and concealer. Lightly dab concealer on your red nose to lessen the intensity.

Woman with light blush on her face


If you’re appearing super rosy and have redness around your nose, add red or pink cream blush to the apple of the cheeks.

Woman with highlighter applied to her face


Dab an icy, shimmery white color shadow on top lids and lightly in the corner of eyes.

Woman with eye liner applied


Define the under lash line with a black or dark brown liner.

Woman with mascara applied


Make eyes pop with blue or black mascara. The blue mascara will help make eyes look whiter, more awake and draw away from a red nose.

Woman with lipstick applied


Apply the same color you used on cheeks to lips for a matte finish and a fresh, natural look.


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