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How to Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag

Check out these helpful hints to keep your makeup bag organized and your cosmetics as clean as they can be.

Broken cake of blush on a white background


Blush can bring a glow to your cheeks. Make sure that glow isn’t dulled down by only keeping blush for one year.

Mascara tube


The rumor you’ve heard about bacteria thriving in mascara is true. That alone is enough reason for you to toss your mascara out after two months.

Various shades of lipstick


Lipstick can lose its luster fairly quickly. Check your tubes for discoloration after three months and throw them out accordingly.

Assorted makeup brushes


It may seem like a lot but it’s a good idea to wash your makeup brushes once a week. Use a little baby shampoo and warm water, allow them to soak for 20 minutes and dry them thoroughly.

Woman holding a clean makeup bag


It’s no use replacing your makeup regularly if the container you keep it in is dirty. Wash your makeup bag every month to keep it fresh.


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