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5 Tips for Combating a Puffy Face

Don’t let your puffy face get the best of you. Fight back! Try our tips and see what works for you.

Collage of supplies to combat a puffy face from allergies like makeup and water

1. Highlight Help

When applying your foundation, layer a shimmery highlighter underneath for extra brightening. For best results, highlight the right areas on your face: top of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, brow bone, and arch of your lip.

2. Redness Reducer

Use yellow-based foundations to help neutralize redness. A yellow-based mineral pressed-powder will help prevent flaking on especially rosy areas.

3. Pillow Pileup

At night, use an extra pillow or two to help elevate your head. This can help drain fluids from your face so skin and eyes are less puffy in the morning.

4. Don't Wait to Hydrate

Drink plenty of water when you're dealing with ALLERGY FACE® beauty challenges. Mix things up by creating your own beauty water. Cucumber, grapefruit or lemon slices will taste great and leave you feeling refreshed.

5. Tender Tissues

Invest in a box of lotion-treated tissues that are fragrance-free. After sneezing and blowing your nose all day, their gentleness will prevent the area around your nose from becoming sore.

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