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Road Tripping with Allergies

The warmer months are the best time to get out there and explore our country. And the best way to do this is a road trip. Here’s what to keep in mind if you don’t want to include tissues in your luggage.

1. Timing

Aim to hit the road before 10 AM when pollen counts are at their lowest. Late afternoon is the next best time to head out.

2. Transport

Before you set out, clean your car thoroughly, preferably with a HEPA vacuum cleaner. Drive with the windows rolled up and keep the AC or fan on circulate to keep pollen out. If you spill any drinks, be sure to mop them up quickly to prevent mold from growing.

3. Destination

Choose your destination and type of vacation carefully. If you’re prone to allergies, hiking and camping are not a good idea while beach holidays, in fact any holidays that involve swimming, are a wise choice – the pollen count is lower around large bodies of water. 

4. Accommodation

More and more hotel chains are offering hypoallergenic rooms for people with allergies. Check out to find out more about availability. If your destination doesn't offer this option, request a room on the highest floor possible and take along your own allergenic pillow and bedding.

5. Passengers

If your pets travel with you, give them a bath before you leave and keep them in a crate in your car or invest in a washable pet seat cover. That way you’ll limit the amount of dander that is spread around your vehicle.

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