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How to Look Glamorous this Holiday Season with Makeup Tips

Celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg shares how to avoid ALLERGY FACE<sup>®</sup> this season with festive makeup and skincare tips.

Woman whose face is irritated from allergies


Wash and moisturize your face.

Woman with a freshly cleaned face


Apply concealer to reduce redness and even out the skin tone around your nose.

Woman with concealer applied to her face


Apply a blush in a shade of red to create a flushed, just in from the cold, look.

Woman with blush applied to her face


Using a pencil that is slightly darker than your natural color, lightly fill in your brows to frame your face.

Woman with gold eye shadow applied


Draw a thick line of gold eyeliner from the inner corner of your eye across your whole eyelid. When you get to the end, flick the line upward and connect it to the original line for a cat eye look. For added drama, use fake eyelashes.

Woman with red lipstick on


Create a bold finish by lining your lips with a red liner and filling them in with a matching red lipstick.


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