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Makeup Tips for ALLERGY FACE®

Keep these makeup tips in mind when you experience ALLERGY FACE<sup>®</sup>.

Makeup brushes against a blurry background


It’s important to keep your makeup brushes clean. An easy way to clean them is to add some baby shampoo to a glass of warm water and allow your bristles to soak about 20 minutes. After a thorough rinse, let them dry to prevent mold from setting in.

Makeup bag full of fresh makeup


Clean out your makeup bag using the 1-2-3 rule. Keep blush no more than one year, mascara for about two months and check your lipstick for discoloration every three months. It might be time to toss that gloss!

Woman wearing eyeglasses


If you wear glasses during allergy season, don’t forget that they can magnify irritated eyes. To compensate, look for a concealer two shades darker than your skin tone. Be sure to pat on the concealer with your index finger or brush.

Person dispensing a drop of facial moisturizer on their finger


When ALLERGY FACE® is acting up, your nose may get red due to sneezing and blowing. Instead of using concealer, dab on moisturizer and let it dry. Then, brush on bronzer to conceal redness.


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