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How to Build a Fun Backyard

Join Paul Ryan, host of DIY Network, as he shares ideas on how to create a dedicated playtime space for kids of any age.


Whether you plan on creating a simple yard or one that’s more complex, it’s important to start with the right foundation. A level area will give you the most options. If your kids have outdoor allergies consider replacing grass with pebbles or mulch, and choose brightly colored flowering plants that produce less pollen.


Building a tree house requires skill and planning, but the finished product is sure to be fun.


For an easier DIY build, consider a sandbox. It’s super-simple, and great for younger kids.


A play set with a climbing wall, slide and swings is always a hit. Most hardware stores stock kits that include plans, directions and materials. Be sure to have enough room in the surrounding area for kids to swing and jump safely, and lay a foundation of sand for a soft landing.

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