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5 Ways to Reduce Dander and Other Pet Bed Allergens

Wondering how to reduce pet dander & other allergens at home? Check out these 5 helpful cleaning tips.

Dog Sleeping on Dog Bed

1. Use a Pet Bed Cover to Reduce Allergens

Protect your pet’s bed and reduce dander with a cat or dog bed cover. Look for a bed cover that is machine washable, has a zipper enclosure and is dust-mite proof. If you can find one that is waterproof, it can help to prevent mold from growing. Be sure to wash your pet’s bed cover often to keep it nice and clean and allergy free.

2. Wash or Spray Your Pet’s Bed Frequently

You can keep dander and other pet allergies down even if your pet’s bed has a custom cover that you’d like to keep. Just be sure to wash your cat or dog’s bed weekly in hot water to remove dander buildup. For other soft surfaces in your home that cannot be easily washed, like sofas and carpets, allergen reducing fabric cleaners may help.

3. Look for Silk, or Other Allergy Friendly Fabrics

The Allergy Foundation of America has certified some silk beds as an allergy friendly pet bed option. So be sure to look for a cat or dog bed with a reputable allergy-friendly certification.

4. Vacuum Your Pet’s Favorite Spots Regularly

Looking to keep dust mites and dander under control? Remember to vacuum each and every one of your pet’s favorite hiding places. Additionally, look for vacuums made specifically for households with pets, or asthma friendly certified devices. These are a bit more suitable for those with allergies, since they are designed to pick up dust, hair and dander.

5. Keep Your Pet’s Beds out of the Bedroom

Doing so will help you combat allergens. Try using dust-proof or allergen-proof covers on your bed, as well as on your dog or cat’s beds. Allergy bed covers help control dander and other pet allergies and will help to reduce your exposure.

Want to know more about pet allergies and what causes them? Check out our article, About Pet Allergies, to learn about causes, types, relief and more.

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