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How to Make an Allergy Friendly Terrarium

Want to garden indoors, minus the pollen allergies that make you sneeze? See how to create gorgeous terrariums.

Collage of supplies to create a terrarium such as moss, plants, soil and gravel

1. Choose a Type

Terrariums fall into two general categories. Open, which can tolerate some direct sunlight, and closed which need bright light but must be kept out of the sun’s rays.

2. Pick Your Plants

Choose plants that all thrive in the same environment. Slow growing plants work best and a ground cover will complete the picture.

3. Select a Container

A terrarium must be made of glass or some material that lets light. If you have light loving plants, pick an open container. If you have plants that require a more humid environment, closed is the way to go.

4. Think Drainage

A terrarium does not have drainage hole so you’ll need to create a 1 to 4 inch think drainage layer using river gravel, stones or broken A thin top coat of charcoal on top will help keep the soil fresh.

5. Live Long and Prosper

Make sure you clean the container thoroughly to prevent contamination and mold from growing and keep an eye on your plants. If the leaves are developing burn spots, they’re getting too much direct sunlight. If the stems are thin and weak, move it into a brighter room.

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