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Move Over Mold

Mold can hide in unexpected places. Learn how to find mold, how to remove mold and how to prevent it from coming back.

Move Over Mold

Finding & Cleaning Hidden Indoor Mold



Tackle this problem at base(ment) level with a dehumidifier. These handy devices will help you to keep the humidity below 50%. Change the filter and clean it regularly as instructed.

Sort Out Soil

Indoor plants are really pretty, but they can be a haven for fungal spores. Make sure your plant containers don't develop mold, and cover the soil with aquarium gravel and small pebbles.

Tackle Towels

Tackle Towels

Water sports are most popular in summer months, which means wet towels. Wash them immediately or hang out to dry. And aim to switch your bath towel out at least once a week too.

Watch the washer

Mold tends to develop in front loading washing machines. Avoid this issue by leaving the door open for at least an hour after each wash and wiping the seal area down with a solution of water and bleach every couple of weeks.

Washing Machine

Clean the Cabinets

The smallest plumbing leak can lead to a whole lot of mold growth. Keep the area under your sink mold-free by checking for leaks, puddles and other damp areas.

Aim for the AC

Air conditioning units trap dust and pollen while absorbing moisture from the air - a surefire recipe for mold growth if you don't run your AC regularly. To keep it mold-free, clear your unit yourself, hire a professional or better yet, run the AC for at least 10 minutes a day.

Air Conditioner

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