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Want to Decorate Without Dust?

Learn how to make decorating for the holidays as allergen-free as possible with these tips.

1. Mask Yourself

Before you even take out the stepladder and begin retrieving your ornaments from the cupboard, put on a dust mask. Even if you’re not super sensitive, reducing your exposure to allergens is a good idea.

2. Tree Time

Artificial trees tend to get dusty and grimy when they’re stored away for a year. To clean yours, take it outdoors and give it a gentle brush with a broom. Alternatively, place it on a large sheet and carefully vacuum or wipe each branch from top to bottom.

3. Shake Down

Authentic garlands and wreaths are a haven for dust. The only way to clean these decorations is to take them outside and give them a good shake. Artificial wreaths are more delicate so rather blow them clean with a hairdryer set to cool.

4. On Ornaments

Depending on the fragility and texture of your decorations, you should take them outside and wipe each one down with a damp cloth or use a soft feather duster to get rid of dirt particles.

5. Plan Ahead

Make sure you don't have to deal with the same problem again next year by taking the time to pack your decorations away carefully. Wipe each piece clean, wrap it in tissue paper or a sandwich bag and stack them from the heaviest up in clearly marked storage containers.

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