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Pet-Proof Your Garden

When you’ve already pet-proofed your home, it’s time to turn to your garden. Your backyard could hold these tempting but toxic things; here’s a top five list to eliminate from the garden.

  1. Pretty But Poisonous Plants

    Many popular and pretty plants are also toxic to pets. Keep your pet away from flowers such as azalea, rhododendron and lily of the valley. Other plants to avoid include rhubarb and tulip and narcissus bulbs.

  2. Mulch With Care

    Use Mulch with pine or cedar to avoid ingredients that might be toxic to your pets. These woods smell great too!

  3. Compost Caution

    Composting with food and garden waste is great for soil, but be careful about what you’re tossing in the compost bin. Make sure your compost has “aged” long enough, and avoid using the foods that are toxic to pets.

  4. Fertilize Safely

    If you want to take good care of your plants, you’ll want to fertilize – but take care to avoid bad consequences for your pets, like intestinal distress. Follow fertilizer instructions carefully.

  5. Harmful Insecticides

    Like fertilizer, pesticides are often toxic to pets. The most dangerous for pets are snail bait, gopher bait, fly bait and rat poisons. Store them away from your pet’s reach, and read the instructions.

Pet-Proof Your Garden

Keep your veterinarian’s phone number or the Animal Poison Control Center prominently posted in your house.