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Make Sure Your Pet is Happy and Healthy This Year

Get started today on a year of good health for your pet! Here are some tips.

Ideally, pets should visit the doctor twice a year. Pets age faster than humans do, so things can change very quickly in their systems. Regular check-ups are the only way to find these changes before they become a problem.

Keeping pets groomed regularly keeps them clean and significantly decreases shedding and dander. Pets with thinner coats that shed (Labs and Beagles) need more frequent bathing. Those with thicker coats (Poodles and Huskies) need more coat care.

Bring previous records (not just receipts) as well as medications and supplements you give your pet to appointments so the doctor has your pet’s full history.

When you get your pets bathed, remember that flea and tick prevention will not last through the shampoo. Keeping pets’ vaccines up to date will make it easier for you to make grooming appointments.

Make Sure Your Pet is Happy and Healthy This Year

Regular grooming can significantly decrease the amount of dander and shedding, and can have benefits to owners with allergies.