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Halloween Fun with Pets

Safe and Smart Halloween Fun for You and Your Pets
Dressing your pet up at Halloween can be highly entertaining for everyone, except your pet. The trick is to choose a costume that doesn’t bother them or make them anxious, and allows both of you to have fun.

1. Costume with Caution

Choose a costume that doesn’t inhibit mobility. Pets are a little like toddlers: masks or costumes that hinder their movement aren’t safe. Think capes and decorated sweaters – even a scuba diver costume with a metal thermos as “oxygen tank.” Steer clear of small items that dangle from your pet’s costume. They might look cute, but they’re a choking hazard.

2. Same Goes for Decorating

The ASPCA warns against festooning your pet with streamers or ribbons. If eaten, they can cause an intestinal obstruction that requires surgical removal. While you’re at it, secure the cords to your animated decorations: dangling wires and cords can cause cuts, burns and electrical shock.

3. Consider Daytime Pet Partying

More and more communities are organizing late-afternoon “trunk or treat” activities, where families trick-or-treat from car to car in church or school parking lots while it’s still light. It’s as great for pets as it is for kids. Traditional nighttime trick-or-treating to houses and people your pets don’t know can be disorienting.

4. Try Fake-o-Lanterns

Consider filling your jack-o-lanterns with flameless LED candles, since kittens and puppies can be drawn to real flames. You’ll minimize the risk of singed fur and property damage and, as a bonus, they’re reusable and don’t make a mess.

5. Leave Allergy Triggers at the Door

If you suffer from fall allergies and take your pet trick-or-treating, remember to remove their costume when you take off your own – at the door. This will prevent you from bringing any of the outside inside.


The colder months are a great time to attend classes with your pet, and it will ensure that you spend quality time together. You can choose between various disciplines and levels, from basic obedience training to agility classes.