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Five Pet Safety Essentials

There are plenty of little things that pet owners overlook when it comes to safety. Clayne R. White, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Bayview Animal Hospital, outlines five things to never forget.

  1. Vaccinations and Parasite Prevention

    Stay current with vaccinations and schedule a wellness exam at least once a year. Also, put your pet on a monthly treatment plan, to prevent heartworms, fleas, ticks, roundworms and other stomach worms.

  2. Identification

    If your pet gets lost, collars, nametags and microchips increase the chances of having your pet returned by more than 50 percent. Make sure the information on the tag or collar is up to date.

  3. Travel

    Always restrain your pet while in a car or truck. Never allow pets to ride loose in the back of a pickup truck; put them in a kennel or cage. Be sure to make multiple stops to allow your pet to drink or stretch out.

  4. Fences

    You may have heard the saying that good fences make for good neighbors, and this is also true for our pets. Fences help your pet know its boundaries, and keep it safe from the road.

  5. Backyard Care

    Outdoor pets need shade in the summer, as well as plenty of water. But did you know that more pets suffer from lack of water during the winter? Frequently check your pet’s water dishes to make sure they are not frozen.

Five Pet Safety Essentials

If you have pet allergies, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America recommends adding an air cleaner with either a HEPA or an electrostatic filter to your central heating and air conditioning system. Run the filter for at least four hours a day.