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Daily Dog Exercises

All dogs need exercise, just like us! (Vets recommend at least 30 minutes daily for just about all dogs.) Carol Brooks and Lesley Smith of DogOn Fitness, a D.C area dog fitness and behavior service, have a few suggestions for your best buddy.


Hiking or walking

Trail hiking or walking through varying terrain like hills, rocks, and streams is satisfying for hunting breeds, who have greater stamina and need longer walks than other breeds. Terrain changes also challenge underused muscle groups, and may help dogs ward off injuries. Breeds that benefit: Hunting breeds such as hounds, terriers, retrievers and spaniels.

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  • Hiking or walking
  • Swimming
  • Challenging walks
  • Short walks

If you are allergic to your pet but don’t want to give him or her away, try changing your clothes frequently, like before going to work. Also make sure to vacuum carpets, mattresses and upholstery regularly.