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Choosing a Boarding Kennel

Boarding your pet rather than taking him along on a trip has advantages: security, attention, peace of mind. But all kennels aren’t created equal. Here’s more on choosing one.

  1. Do the research

    Try to find a kennel through personal recommendations or your veterinarian. Look for members of the American Boarding Kennel Association, and check if your state requires boarding kennel inspections.

  2. Ask the right questions

    Decide what level of care your pet needs; kennels offer everything from basic boarding to dog “spa”-quality visits. If your dog has special needs, make sure they can be accommodated.

  3. Take a Tour

    Tour the kennel and make sure facilities are clean, well lit, and well ventilated. Cages should be divided and cats housed away from dogs. Look for knowledgeable staff and lots of space.

  4. Prepare Your Pet

    Consider leaving your pet for a day or two to get accustomed to longer stays. Come prepared with any special medications or food, you and your vet’s phone number, and a local emergency contact.

  5. Follow Up

    When you return from your test run, ask the kennel staff about your dog. If they report problems consider using a pet sitter on the next trip, or ask your vet about options.

Choosing a Boarding Kennel

Avoid kennels that don’t require animals to be current on rabies, kennel cough (Bordetella), distemper and parvovirus infection, to protect your pet and others.