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Steps for Perfect Pet Photographs

Have you taken photos of your furry friend, only to end up with glowing eyes and blurry details? Colleen Paige, professional pet photographer and founder of Pet Photographers of America, helps with common pet photography mistakes.


Ensure Good Behavior

If you have a hyperactive pet that prefers wiggling to sitting still, make sure to exercise him/her before the photo shoot with a long walk or run. With cats, 15 minutes of play will tire them out.

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  • Ensure Good Behavior
  • Use Appropriate Lighting
  • Get a Prop Assistant
  • Dress Your Pet in Seasonally Appropriate Outfits
  • Create a Safe Setting
  • Minimize Distractions

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, washing your pets before the photo shoot does double-duty: It ensures that they will look nice in the picture, and it can reduce airborne allergens for anyone else at the shoot.