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Try These New Water Sports

The hottest days of summer are exactly when you’ll want to head to your local river, lake, ocean – or just the pool – to cool off. Bonus for allergy sufferers: Research suggests that pollen levels are lower around open bodies of water. Instead of your tried-and-true water sports, mix it up this summer by trying some activities you might not even have heard of. You don’t need to be a pro – just get a group of friends together who are willing to try something new.

  1. Waboba ballgame

    A craze that took off in Sweden, Waboba is a ballgame played in knee- to waist-high water using a special ball that bounces and floats. Pass the ball between team members without losing the ball to the other team. Find rules at Waboba.com.

  2. Stand-up paddleboarding

    With only a stand up paddleboard, a paddle and a lifejacket, you can play on any body of water – from ocean to lakes and rivers – without relying on waves. Start on calm water, and consider getting your bearings from a kneeling position before graduating to rowing yourself standing up. Gear shops post helpful videos of stand up paddle boarding. Want some advanced balancing fun? Try standup paddleboard yoga!

  3. Underwater hockey

    Imagine taking hockey beneath the surface of the water – and adding a dimension. Two teams of six face off in six to eight feet of water, swimming and diving to shoot a weighted puck into the goal – just like soccer or ice hockey – but with water above you. It’s a fast-paced, frustrating and fun exercise in teamwork.

  4. Skimboarding

    Think of a smaller surfboard without fins. Skimboarding is like skateboarding on shallow waters – originated around the beaches of Laguna in Southern California by lifeguards looking for an easier way to get across the beaches. Ask about renting one at a local board shop; though it has evolved into a wave sport, you can stick to the wash of waves without catching breaks.

  5. Stage a modern pentathlon

    Ancient Greeks combined five games – discus throwing, javelin, long jump, foot race and wrestling; the winner showed the optimum mix of strength, skill and endurance. Get creative with your friends and combine your own mix of five water sports for your own fun take on the pentathlon. Make it as challenging (swim endurance) or as silly (bobbing for apples) as you’d like.

Try These New Water Sports

Consider an ocean vacation for refreshing summer relief from allergies. Some coastal locales have better-than-average pollen levels. Ocean breezes can help clear the air of allergens.