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Plan a Farmers Market Day

You don’t need to go far to feel like you’ve had a summer vacation. Just plan a day’s jaunt to the farmers’ markets in your area. From markets in the most unforgiving climates, to the most urban of areas, you’ll find them, and with them, the best things to plant and eat once you get home. Here’s how to take best advantage of the market.


Go early – or late

For the best selection, go to the farmers market as soon as it opens, before produce and plants get picked over. In many markets, sellers don’t want to take their inventory home, so you might get end-of-day discounts.

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  • Go early – or late
  • Know your seasons
  • Plan meals in advance
  • Don’t forget the fun
  • Don’t just buy, ask

Remember to change your clothes as soon as you get home. The same allergens that might irritate you outdoors can transfer to the clothing you wear.