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Get Fit for Gardening

You might not have thought to warm up before gardening, but you should. A warm-up gets you ready for all the moves you do in your garden. Stacy Walters, a registered kinesiotherapist, can help you enjoy your garden and prevent injury.


Perform a light warm-up

To prevent muscle injury, perform a five-minute warm-up. Just walk to the mailbox, check the garden beds, do some arm circles, fill the bird feeder or walk the dog. Then do a stretch or two. • To stretch the hamstrings, place one heel on the ground and gently lean forward. Hold 20 seconds and switch sides. • To stretch the quadriceps, wrap a towel around one ankle, bend your knee, and hold your ankle up with the towel. Hold for 20 seconds and switch sides.

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  • Perform a light warm-up
  • Use proper gardening biomechanics
  • Cooling down after gardening
  • Enjoy the benefits

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, if you have outdoor allergies, you should avoid outdoor activities on dry, windy days, and shower after you return indoors to wash allergens off your hair and skin.