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Five Tips for Sneeze-Free Spring Cleaning

Can cleaning be sneeze-free? Stacy Champion, founder of Phoenix-based environmental consultancy Champion Indoors, shares her top tips for reducing indoor allergens.

  1. Use natural cleaning products when possible

    There are many natural brands to choose from, but if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, reconsider using them. You can also search for “natural cleaning product recipes” to make your own.

  2. Don’t kick up dust – absorb it

    Use washable, micro-fiber cleaning cloths. Get them slightly damp to minimize the dust in the air. If your home has hard-surfaced flooring, use a micro-fiber push sweeper before mopping.

  3. Take care with carpet

    If you have carpet in your home, invest in a HEPA vacuum cleaner. Try to vacuum in all four directions to clean the carpet thoroughly.

  4. Don’t forget the filters

    Replace your homes’ air intake filters regularly—or upgrade to HEPA filters. Consider a portable air cleaner or HEPA filtration system to reduce particles and dust.

  5. Check, and check again

    When cleaning your home, make it a habit to check for visible leaks or moisture, which could lead to mold growth problems - a huge allergen for most people.

Five Tips for Sneeze-Free Spring Cleaning

Dust mites, pets, mold, and pollen that blows through windows can contribute to your allergy symptoms. Keep your windows closed to help reduce allergens.