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Four Ways to Refresh your Home

Want some ideas on how to easily refresh your home? We asked design journalist and DIY blogger, Jean Nayar, about simple ways to help freshen up your space.

An easy, low-cost way to update a room is to change up your pillows. Whether it’s by replacing them with brighter, indoor-outdoor pillows, or updating the pillow covers with new textures or patterns––a burst of color may do the trick.

Cleaning your windows is a simple way to brighten a room. Save money by cleaning them yourself with a squeegee and soapy water. Professional window cleaners are a good bet if you have second-story or tall windows.

This is an easy one! Go green with fresh herbs like basil, thyme and chives, planted in small containers and placed on windowsills. They add color and a fresh scent to your home.

Yes, because it’s a great way to reduce allergens. When was the last time you vacuumed behind your couches or refrigerator, or scrubbed your bathroom grout, cleaned exhaust fans and vents, or replaced HVAC filters?

Four Easy Home Refreshers

Many of us think of cleaning windows as a matter of getting the glass shiny and clear. But the Mayo Clinic advises allergy sufferers not to neglect frames and sills, which can harbor mold and condensation.