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Fall Cleaning 101

To answer cleaning questions for the change in season, we turned to Stacey Crew, organization and cleaning expert, and author of The Organized Mom.

For blinds, use a non-toxic, water-based cleaner that’s safe for wood and related surfaces. If you can machine-wash your curtains, do that in the fall; otherwise, consider having them dry cleaned.

Summer months may bring pollen and other allergens into your home. Vacuuming regularly, washing down the baseboards with a damp rag and having your carpets professionally cleaned will ensure that they’re not trapped there year-round.

Clean air filters are an important part of maintaining indoor air quality throughout the year. Schedule your filter changes for every three months by stocking up and marking change days in your calendar.

Reducing clutter in the kitchen should be a priority. Good rules of thumb: no more than two appliances on the countertops; have a place for every item; and create space in the cabinets and drawers to house the usual counter clutter.

As the outdoor temperature cools down, so does the temperature in the attic. That makes fall the perfect time to clean and organize it.

Fall Cleaning 101 – My Allergy Guide™

When tackling home cleaning and organization projects, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America suggests allergy sufferers wear a dust mask and use a cloth that is damp or treated for dusting. After cleaning, leave the house for a few hours.