Zyrtec AllergyCast App with Symptom Tracker
Standard data rates for your plan apply.

Check the pollen forecast and weather, log your allergy symptoms
and track how you’re feeling.

Do you start your day by checking the pollen index and weather forecast? Now, you can find them both in
one place. The updated AllergyCast® also has our new Symptom Tracker to help you log and track your
pollen symptoms.


Here's how AllergyCast® with Symptom Tracker can help you better understand and manage
allergy symptoms:

  • Get pollen and extended weather forecasts together, to help plan your day.
  • Log symptoms and track how you're feeling.
  • Notifications alert you when pollen is high in your area.
  • See which pollens are high, and get tips to deal with them.
  • Set your favorite places or use your location for fast forecasts.
  • Find ZYRTEC® products near you quickly and easily with the product locator.

What's new in this version:

  • Pollen and weather forecast together
  • Extended 4-day pollen and 10-day weather forecasts
  • Hourly weather forecast
  • Allergy Symptom Tracker
  • Daily and monthly allergy symptom log
  • Improved usability and graphic interface
  • Optimized for retina display (iPhone)
  • Optimized for high-density display (Android)

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